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Business Environmental Sustainability: Strategies and Solutions ft. Kimberly Mauser

Dive into the critical topic of sustainability and explore the significant role that Gen Z is playing in shaping a greener future. Join us for an inspiring conversation as we discuss how every business, no matter the industry, can contribute to a more sustainable world. 

What's in the video

Our host, Piero Perera, is joined by Kimberly Mauser, to talk about the impact of sustainable choices and practical solutions that empower the younger generation to lead the charge for a more sustainable world.


Why Watch This?

As we face an ever-growing climate crisis, the urgency of sustainable practices has never been more apparent. Join this enlightening and motivational conversation that highlights the collective effort needed to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all. 


Kimberly Mauser 

Kimberly Mauser is a sustainable packaging consultant with 10 years of experience in procurement, supply chain and sustainability.


Before consulting, Kimberly worked for one of the world’s most prestigious beauty companies where she implemented sustainable packaging solutions, leading the company to Barron's Top 100 Sustainable U.S. Companies.


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