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Labelling Success: From Idea to Compliance ft.'s Sean Larsen

Discover the success story of and how their innovative label printing is transforming the hospitality industry with a safer and quicker way to manage food labels.

What's in the video

Our host, Piero Perera, is joined by Sean Larsen, founder of, to unveil all the details on how one powerful idea is now completely transforming food safety with innovative label printing.


Why Watch This?

If you're an entrepreneur, aspiring business owner, or simply interested in success stories that inspire, this podcast episode is your ticket to exclusive insights.'s journey is proof that determination, innovation, and commitment can transform operational efficiency, compliance and customer service.


Sean Larsen

Sean Larsen is the CTO for Solutions Ltd.


Throughout his career, Sean has strived to create positive and enjoyable user experiences. His experience in product design, project management and UX design, has allowed him to bridge the gap between unstructured user desire and the binary world of technical development/deployment.

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