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Navigating a Viral Product: Managing a TikTok Sensation ft. Julius Rogonja from Ark of Sweden

Get all the insights on TikTok’s viral product ARK Drops. Discover how the brand was created, how it went viral after one video, and how it is transforming lives with the power of nature.

What's in the video

Our host, Piero Perera, is joined by Julius Rogonja, co-founder of Ark of Sweden, to unveil powerful tips on how to transform your brand’s presence into a viral sensation on TikTok.


Why Watch This?

We reveal the top SECRETS on how to grow your brand on social media. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and the key to viral success. Don’t miss out on this tantalising conversation. 


Julius Rogonja

Julius Rogonja is the co-founder of Ark of Sweden and a true breath master. You might know his product 'ARK Drops', which went viral on TikTok and transforms lives with the power of nature.

Listen to this episode of The Online Hustle podcast to discover the top secrets to growing your brand on social media and navigating a viral product.

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